28 Students of Super 30 Selected in IIT-JEE

Once Again Super 30 Coaching Institute Blast with bang in JEE Advanced Result. Super 30 meritorious Students come up with a Flying Color. Super 30 is a Institute which Provides Free Coaching facilities to prepare for IIT-JEE to Poor Family Students, whose parents cannot afford them money for higher studies or get admission into any Private College.

But This year these Students from there Hard Work & dedication they achieved their desired Goal. Out of 30 Students from Super 30, This year 28 Students Selected for JEE Advanced 2013 and made their seat reserved for IITs. Patna Based Super 30 Institute Run under the Founder and renowned Mathematician Anand Kumar. Who had given his full dedication to the Super 30 Institute and the talented Poor Students.

How Many Selected in IIT (JEE Advanced 2013) from Super 30.

This year 28 Students of Super 30 made it to the Prestigious IIT-JEE. All 28 Students are Intelligent, Talented but poor. But their dedication towards study made them to the IIT. Many students from Super 30 belongs to poor family some of their father is farmer, roadside vendor, cobbler, wage earner etc. Last year 27 Students were selected in IIT-JEE, in 2011 24 students were selected in IIT from super 30. The Super 30 once again told the world that they are” Super”  and they are the best.

in an interview Bhanu told to TOI that: “His father is a farmer and he belongs to poor family and had not enough money to do coaching but from the Anand Kumar Sir Free Coaching facility and from our mentor today it is possible to crack IIT-JEE”. many Students are Selected in top Institutes the most Preferred Branch is ECE, ME and than Other Branches or according to their Rank.

How Super 30 Works?

Really, This question arises in Your Mind that How Super 30 Works? How do they get Students? What is the Process? So, Here it is :
The Super 30 Team Makes an Entrance Exam paper which is relatively tough/hard and equal to as IIT Paper. This Entrance paper is based on 11th & 12th Class Courses. Many of the students from poor background apply for the Exam of Super 30, Mostly of Bihar. After the entrance Exam of Super 30 when the exam Are Over and Those Students who are selected for Super 30 are then called for Interview. Anand Kumar Said ” The Interview is required Because it use to Check the Knowledge of that particular Student, His/her personality, Mind and the background from where he/she belongs to, whether he is really poor or not ? In The Interview Process the Super 30 Team Selects “30” Pearls of Student and trained them to Crack IIT- JEE.
Not Only this Super 30 provides  Free Coaching, Free Fooding facility , Free Hostel etc. all are Free they Trained, Teach the Students to Crack JEE and get into IIT. Super 30 also Provides Inspiration & Motivational Classes For all Those 30 Students that do not Extract your Mind Set up Your Goal and Achieve it and get Success.
Students of Super 30 once again made proud to the Founder Anand Kumar & Team of Super 30.
#Engineers Corner & Team Wishing Them Best of Luck for Their Future and Congratulation to All Student.
The Team
Engineers Corner

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