Baba Ka Dhaba has now become a Marketing hub


Baba Ka Dhaba from Malviya Nagar, Delhi the two 80-year-old age couple life changed overnight after their heartbreaking video went viral. The video was shared by Gaurav who is a food blogger in which Kanta Prasad the 80-year-old seeing crying after his Dhaba food business was in loss due to COVID-19 pandemic. But all thanks to social media the video went viral on Twitter, Facebook and lots of celebrities’, politicians and common people started supporting the old age couple to help them run their business yet again and spread the word. Read the complete Baba Ka Dhaba case study and the Story in pictures below. This is how the Baba Ka Dhaba use to look like:

Baba Ka Dhaba – Before

People are stopping their vehicles at Baba ka Dhaba, Malviya Nagar, Delhi to click photos and take selfies. The shop is now filled with banners and posters of all the brands and looks like a new place. All Thanks to you and social media.

Baba Ka Dhaba – Before and After Picture

Baba Ka Dhaba – Before and After Picture (Slide the bar left and right to view)

Baba Ka Dhaba is now a Marketing Hub for Brands – (in Pictures)

After receiving so much response from each and everyone across the country the Baba Ka Dhaba now become a stop for everyone to eat and help this old age man, People who are away from Delhi are donating and contributing in their own by through online payment and crowdfunding. We saw many people gave cash money to the couple and other items like, grocery, clothes, sending money through UPI, bank account, paytm and whatever way they can help.

As per the sources Baba has received around 2 crore rupees as a donation so far and getting all the attention and help from everyone to increase the sales which are good for him, the baba is even hiring a boy to manage and help him in his business, This immense help from everyone is really appreciated. Now, The thing is brands have started playing their role, they are using their marketing strategy to get some popularity and which will also help baba as well. BUT, this but is in the capital because baba has received all the love and now we need to help other such poor, hard-working old age person across the country and in our nearby places, there are are many such baba exist who need us in this trying times and we can help them to survive. We as well these brands need to find all those old age and hard-working individuals who are impacted by COVID and unable to survive in this situation.

In the pictures below see how corporate brands like Pepsi, Airtel, Paytm, Zomato, HPCL, Mobikwik, Amazon Pay, Mountain breeze, Saburi, Nutrela, PhonePe and ZunSolar started endorsing and supported baba ka dhaba, The have put so much of posters and banners that you can’t even identify if it is the same shop/Dhaba.

Baba Ka Dhaba marketing hub
Baba Ka Dhaba Pepsi
Baba Ka Dhaba Paytm
Baba Ka Dhaba Gas by HPCL

The Baba Ka Dhaba has now become a marketing hub and every brand wants to participate in this. Why we can’t understand where to start and where to stop? We need to help everyone, not just one, they all need it equally and we need to support such small business and uplift more and more babas and not just one. Social media is a powerful tool so just start using it for better India. Thank you, everyone, who supported Baba Ka Dhaba and let’s use our social media to find the next.

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