Common Admission Test (CAT) – Tips & Tricks Before Exam


Hello everyone, today we will be discussing about a few tips to be followed for CAT 2015-2016.

Common Admission Test (CAT) will be conducted by any of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM’s) as an entrance exam to PGPM, PGP courses in their institutions all over India. Though there are few other steps to be cracked to get into IIM, scoring a good percentile is basic one as this leads you to your further process. This year CAT is being conducted by IIM AHMEDABAD, which is ranked 15th internationally by FINANCIAL TIMES MASTERS IN MANAGEMENT RANKINGS and is top business school in INDIA.

As we all know, CAT’15 is scheduled to be conducted on 29th November, 2015. This is the big time for all those CAT aspirants who all want to make into prestigious institutions such as IIM’s, Xavier’s etc. For this we need to follow some basic tips well before the exam.

  1. Be mentally prepared for the BIG DAY, as we all know that day will be a game changer in our life, we should be enough prepared mentally for that day to face the examination.
  1. Stay away from social networking, other partying cultures for few days before the exam because these are most likely to distract your focus and attention.
  1. Make sure you download your admit card well in advance before the examination date and try to visit your exam centre once before the BIG DAY so as to avoid last minute hurry. And also make sure about your mode of transportation for the day.
  1. In the last minute preparation strategy, make sure you don’t turn all the books again, it’s better to have a have an overview from our running notes which we prepared during our course etc. If you don’t have any such notes, go buy one from book stores.
  1. It’s all about managing time during our examination, and also the pattern has been changed this year, so practice a couple of mock tests well in advance so as to plan your timings during examination. But don’t relate your mock tests score to your original score because there may be variation which disappoints you later.
  1. Once you are in exam hall, make sure you are enough confident but not over confident about your talent to face the question paper.
  1. Negative marking is still on, so don’t try to answer by guessing or by approximations which may lead to downfall of your score very massively.
  2. This year a basic on screen calculator will be available on screen, so use it for mathematical operations instead of doing it on your own, though you know certain tricks to calculate fast, using a calculator may save your time. But don’t try to use it for even small calculations.
  3. And in DI section, you will find huge numbers don’t be panic by seeing them. Round off them to nearest number which makes your calculation simpler and answer accordingly.
  4. Besides being sharp you also need to be smart during the examination, which helps in many aspects.

Finally do well in the examination and hope for the best. Good luck everyone.

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Sai Reddy M,
IV B.Tech,
Department of Civil Engineering,
Gurunanak Institutions Technical Campus, Hyderabad.










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