The Education System


Education is the process of learning skills, values,beliefs and habits of a group of people which is transferred to other people through teaching,story telling, discussion ,training or research. It is the act of imparting or acquiring knowledge for preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life ,so that one can do things in an appropriate and better way to get success that one aspires. Knowledge is the first principle that is necessary for the perfection of the human being.   The art of living implies a healthy development of the mind and intellect.Education facilitates for maintaining a trimmed physique,well-groomed personality and sharpened intellect.

India has a rich educational tradition.There is a harmonious blend of religion,ethics philosophy and humanity. The wisdom of our ancient epics serves as a beacon to the seekers of spiritual bliss and holds the external lesson and explains how can one practice the subtle philosophical principles laid down in our scriptures in one’s life.

Truly speaking ,the schools ,colleges,society makes the difference between men. All the tales of epics ,fairies enlarges the intellect of man,when a stupid man becomes a man inspired. The importance of education is basically for two reasons. The first is that the training of human mind is not complete without education and the second ,being educated ,man is enabled to interact with external world,to acquaint himself with past history,receive all necessary information regarding the present and plan for future to be a successful man.  Education is the knowledge of putting one’s potentials to optimum use. A human being is not in the proper sense till he is not educated.   Education itself increases our chances in life and our potential to do the things we want to do in skillful ways.

Every age witnesses a tussle between tradition and modernity.The new generation regards tradition as obsolete while the older generation feels modernity corrupts the new generation.                                                                                 The sharp fall in ethical and moral values all around, the callous disregard of common man’s interests,the increasing hypocrisy and double talk have cumulatively caused deterioration that is truly alarming. The moral and ethical values,performance of duty, regards and consideration for fellow men,sympathy and compassion seem to have gone with the wind and are among major casualties of the modern education system.    But no matter what, education is the key that allows people to move up in the world, seek better jobs and ultimately succeed in life.

India has a glorious tradition of education. India’s ancient universities like Nalanda, Taxila ,Pataliputra etc. were considered as the reservoirs of knowledge. The present education system was inherited from British ,which evolved a system of learning aimed at producing Brown Sahebs and clerks in large numbers. Whatever be the various flaws in the educational system ,the number of universities and colleges have undoubtedly increased since independence.    But in the education system still there is a domination of textual knowledge. The students do not participate in the practical application of knowledge.There is no adjustment between the system of our education and the needs of our life. The curricula adhered to the system, find little or no application in the practical life of the people.   The examination oriented system judges the students on the basis of his performance in the examinations. The marks  mania drives every teacher and every parent to expect the very best from every student [90 percent or above]. Difference of a few percent categorizes a brilliant student as mediocre, if he does not perform well in the examination for some reasons, parental and peer pressure to secure good percentage for entry into prestigious colleges and courses, hinders the proper development of the child.  The truth is that an average youngster who merely concentrates on the university course has a bleak future as the university degree does not assure him a lucrative job. The aim of education should be the development of personality as a whole, instead of sharpening analytical and literary minds in isolation.  This would help in tapping the various talents of the students.  The teachers are also restricted in their responsibility of imparting knowledge to that which is in the syllabus. Now the education is adhered to materialistic outlook. No place for character building,ethics and spiritualism.

But education is still an essential prerequisite of modernized world to enable people to know the world beyond their own surrounding and transform them to become rationalist and humanist in outlook, Getting educated is compulsory in the developed world for so many reasons and adds so much value to our lives. We gain confidence and self-esteem through completing tasks and being praised for good tasks and good works. Being educated is shown to increase people’s sense of self-worth,life satisfaction and over all happiness.

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