How to choose your Branch in Engineering?


How to choose your Branch in Engineering (BE/B.Tech)?

Choosing the right engineering stream can be very troublesome for many. Both students and parents are involved in the decision making but how do you go ahead with choosing your stream? With so many entrance examinations and countless colleges to choose from, you need to know which stream is compatible with your career choices. There are many factors that need to be considered and while many of the engineering streams are rewarding, you need to make up your find before taking admissions into an engineering college. Some of the popular options include mechanical, electrical, civil, computer, industrial etc.

Interest should be given more weightage than scope

While scope is one of the things that many students give weightage to, your interest needs to factor in your decision making as well. If you opt in for a stream that tends to be successful in terms of placements of growth opportunities but you do not have any inane interest in the stream you will not be able to gain the most out of it. Knowing where your interests lie is important and you should always have at least two options that you want to opt for and target those streams only. If you end up choosing a stream that you are not interested in just because it tends to produce better results, you will not be able to have job satisfaction and also have a hard time keeping up with the curriculum.

How to choose your Branch in Engineering

Institutes matter

You also need to consider the educational institutes you are applying to when it comes to choosing a stream. If you performed well in the entrance test and you have to choose between 10 colleges and none of them have what you want on offer you end up having limited choices when it comes to selecting a branch. If you find streams you are interested in you need to compare the course material of all the colleges you have shortlisted to find the one that’s best suited for you. It’s not only the stream that matters but also the quality of coursework.


Some institutes do not offer the generic streams that you might be aware of and have specializations instead. You might not get Electrical Engineering as a stream but might have to choose from Electronics and Communications Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Choosing a specialized branch requires you to be sure of what you want to pursue and if you have a career path in mind already then you will be able to choose your stream more effectively. Streams like Mechanical Engineering have a range of specializations on offer and if you are interesting in becoming an automobile engineer then you can opt in for studying automobile engineering. These decisions need to be planned out in advance and you should take it at your own pace.

Consider your post-graduation options

You need to set your engineering studies for your graduation in tune with what you want to specialize in for your post-graduation. If you have plans to pursue M.Tech /M.E. in a specific stream then you need to choose your graduation stream accordingly. You should also check all the future education opportunities you’ll have if you pursue a particular stream and make your decision accordingly.

Try to choose job-oriented streams

When choosing an engineering branch that you want to pursue it is important that you opt in for streams that make you job ready. Choosing highly niche streams that do not have proper job opportunities should be avoided at all costs. Having a job-ready course is of utmost importance as the engineering sector is highly competitive and you want to have your placement prospects in sights when choosing a stream.

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Talk to ex-students

Talking to ex-students or current students of a particular stream should help you in getting a good idea about what the courses of your choice include and what opportunities are in store. Getting some first-hand knowledge is very valuable and it should help you in your decision making greatly. You should also make it a point to talk about the placements and what kind of organizations come to recruit in the institutes. You need to analyze whatever information you gain from the students and analyze your options to understand which streams are worth sticking to during the time of admissions.

Core branches vs. specialization

If you are interested in getting a government job then you need to stick to core branches whereas getting modern courses that focus on specialization tend to have opportunities in the private sector. Depending on the kind of work you want to do and the sectors you want to tap into you might want to consider your streams accordingly.

These are some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing and engineering stream. You always need to focus on what’s right for you instead of opting for the choice that’s popular.


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