IT Dept finds Bengaluru auto driver with Rs 1.6 crore villa got money as charity


The bengaluru earlier bangalore auto driver named Nalluralli Subramani was in the news for his villa worth Rs 1.6 crore and he was under the scanner of Income Tax Department and they asked him for explanation in
Benami Property Transactions Act for his income source. According to the IT Dept in the investigation they found that the villa of 1.6 crore of auto driver was given as charity by a american women.

Yes, that’s true in the recent probe the IT official told The Indian Express that the source for his income was found to be an American donor named Lara Evison. The auto driver Nalluralli Subramani had met the 72 year old foreigner when he offered to help her commute in the city in 2006. As she got to know about his financial constraints, she volunteered to help him with his children’s education along with a house. Then, she managed to get him the money to buy the villa at Jatti Dwarakamai in Mahadevapura.”

The auto driver use to help her commute during the rain, bad times when she was in the city and no one helps her at that time. She use to give him a call and he used to pick and drop her and later they became a good friend. There was rumor for the relation of auto driver with MLA Arvind Limbavali which is true but it has nothing do with the villa story as per the IT officials. While questioning and investigation the Income tax dept took statement along with the prove from both auto driver and the donor Lara Evison who gave villa as charity worth 1.6 crore.

Source – The Indian Express

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