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A very renowned Personality, a Celebrity & Author Chetan Bhagat is now Hiring a talented Person for the Post of Business Manager for his all new company  Chetan Bhagat Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Yes Chetan Bhagat is now looking for some great & Talented Candidates for the Post of Business manager with some Amazing skills & quality at  Chetan Bhagat Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Chetan Bhagat gave the Job Information & About the comapnay on his official Account of social Networking Website “facebook” He Posted that he is hiring & want a skillfull person for his comapny as a Business manager Those who are intrested can fill the form.

If You really want to work with this great Celebrity & Author Chetan Bhagat & his Company Chetan Bhagat Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. the you Can Apply By Clicking Here.    

for the Application for the Business manager you need to fill only:

  • You Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Phone No.
  • Email Id
  • Facebook Link (It will tell which type of person you are? how is your profile &  Online Activities)
  • Highest Qualification
  • Why You want to work with Chetan Bhagat? Appropriate & attractive Answers as many applicants will be there
  • Any Other info or Computer Skill. ( You have to keep these things in mind that there may be many applicants for this post so, please give your all the skills & information in this box)

CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW at  Chetan Bhagat Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Yatharth Singh

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