Rape Attempt in IEC Group Of Institutions, Greater Noida


A group of students of  IEC Group Of Institutions, Greater Noida, protested against the college management on Monday for not taking any action against the man who alleged attempted rape on a girl of a first year B.Tech student of IEC College of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida. This sounds, scary that how an unknown person can enter in hostel premises.

According to the student In Girls hostel of IEC Group Of Institutions, Greater Noida two girls use to stay in a room but due to holidays at weekend her roommate went to her house, and she was sleeping alone in her room and suddenly a 30+ year old person comes into the room by crossing the wall of the campus and tried to rape her but she managed to free herself and called for the help where all the hostel girls came to help her, and the man ran away.

Rape Attempt in IEC Group Of Institutions, Greater Noida

Many students of IEC College came out and protested against the college authorities along with the ABVP students. The students are claiming that the hostel Warden and Director of the college are making pressure on the girl to not to speak on this issue else she will be thrown out of the college. The students are protesting and demand to from the chairman to take strict action against Hostel Warden and Director of the college.

Greater Noida Police is saying that the situation is now in control, and an FIR has been lodged against the culprit, and we will soon arrest him. Well, This is not the first time that IEC, Greater Noida Campus is in the limelight. Many protest and cases have been found in IEC College earlier also.

What’s your take on this? Does your college hostel have good security? If you are from this college or Greater Noida, or if you want to say something then add your comments to this story in comments below.


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