Upstox Web and Mobile App Server down on Budget Day


The Stocker Broker app Upstox website and mobile app crashed and it is down since 13:00 PM IST on 1st Feb 2021, One of the leading stockbroker app Upstox Pro servers are down on the most awaited Budget Day. Many users reported on social media including Twitter and Facebook that they are not able to place any order or square off as the app is not working and the website is crashed. The users are not able to login to upstox and the website or the app is not loading.

Here is what the app and web page look like and still not fixed:-

Upstox Website also crashed

Many users are frustrated and showing their anger on social media about the upstox platform and comparing with their competitors. One of user reported that due to upstox website crashed he is unable to trade and facing some huge loss. One of the users stated that “who will be responsible for our loss on the budget day as we are unable to trade and square off our position”

Upstox itself informed the users after 2 hours on the app notification that they are aware of this and trying to fix as soon as possible and even after the market closed the app and website is not up. may users are complaining to SEBI, NSE and giving 1 start on play store.

Upstox, the broking firm in India is registered as RKSV Securities India Pvt Ltd. with SEBI Regn No. INZ000185137.

Here are few reaction on social media by upstox users on Budget day.

What Went Wrong at Upstox on 1st Feb 2021, Budget Day:-

In an email to customers, Shrini Viswanath Co-founder & CTO off Upstox said that “On 1st February 2021, we were facing hardware issues at our end, and one of our primary order management servers (an exchange approved OMS vendor)  failed at around 1:20 PM. The second we noticed this glitch my team and I personally started doing everything in our power to identify the root cause of the problem. While this was not an easy task, we were committed to identify and resolve the issue at the earliest. Unfortunately, it took longer than usual to restore the system back-ups, which is why users faced an issue placing orders. This was an extremely rare situation, and our team has been continuously working for the past 48 hours to ensure that something to this magnitude does not occur ever again. We sincerely apologize for the truly unfortunate incident.

To ensure the systems were fully functional today and customers do not suffer any further, as a precautionary measure we blocked fresh intraday trading at 12 PM requesting users to square off their positions by 2 PM. There were no order placement issues today. We opened up MCX intraday after 3:30 PM. 

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