How to Choose the Best & Right MBA School


 Education is the knowledge of putting one’s potential to optimum use. Quality Education itself increases our chances in life and our potential to do the things we want to do in skillful ways. Everyone around the world wants a quality education to enhance their skills, acquire a prestigious degree or get a good job. Choosing the Best MBA School abroad is not an easy task. Here we have compiled a list of important points you need to check before you select any Business School to pursue your dreams of MBA.

Here are the things you need to remember before choosing a college to pursue MBA.


This is very important aspect to consider— whether you are getting a quality education or not. Institutes like S P Jain School of Global Management where you get equal importance is given to the development of business skills in students with global intelligence, real-world skills, smart decision-making and corporate readiness. The school must have provide an interactive classroom, latest industry standard syllabus and well-qualified faculties. A good curriculum is your stepping stone to a solid degree, and indeed contributing in helping you become the next leader in the global market.


This is another valuable aspect to consider. As there are lots of colleges who provide MBA Abroad courses, it is essential to consider what the school’s rankings are. You need to research before you select a good college for yourself. Search on the Internet and newspaper whether the college has good ranking by a several companies and brand.  There are many companies who do college review and rank all the colleges in their publication on the basis of college infrastructure, Quality of Education, Qualified Faculties, Placements, Labs, Exposure, Skill Development, College Approved or not  and other points. You can also check online for Full-time MBA College Ranking. For example, recently The Economist ranked S P Jain’s Global MBA in the world’s TOP 100 (2015), Forbes ranked  it #10 in the world for The Best International MBAs and it was also ranked 5th in Asia (Best International Business Schools 2013). Likewise The Financial Times ranked S P Jain among the Top 100 in the world (Best Global MBA Programs 2011 and 2012). These are the top companies who regularly rank top MBA Schools. So, remember to check the ranking of the colleges before you undertake an MBA program.

Tri-City Model:

Tri-City model of learning is a multi-campus learning environment that helps to know about the different cultures, interact with different people, and meet entrepreneurs from different countries, learning new things among other things. We see S P Jain School of Global Management has a tri-city model that allows its students to rotate across its campuses in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney. Very few MBA schools offer you this opportunity. The knowledge and experience gained through exposure in these unique environments will enable students to adapt efficiently to a workforce that is culturally diverse, and facilitate a greater understanding of international business practices.

S P Jain


Blended Learning:

This is a new age education system to provide you the best quality of education. Nowadays, Business Schools are taking help of technology and bringing a new environment for MBA students to grasp knowledge easily and enhance their skills. Blended Learning is a way of giving education through online media and combines classroom learning with online modules.

Alumni Placements:

When you’re searching for a Global Campus and Quality Education. The first thing which comes in our mind is Placements. While selecting your MBA College, you must check the school’s Alumni placement record. Check where the alumni of that college is placed. Check whether they offer placement in global companies and what percentage of that particular college students get placed. Talking about the S P Jain School of Global Management it has a great global placement team across its campuses that place its students in global companies.

S P Jain MBA

We, hope the above points will help you to choose the right Business School or Pursuing MBA abroad.

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